Complete Internet Management Software

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Headaches

A complete software to manage your internet bandwidth and management of customer profiles along with accounting and billing.

Best for ISPs and Cable Internet Providers

Management of account subscriptions and billing - postpaid, prepaid. Complete billing control, data and extensive reports.

Internet Management System

Save time and money with a single smart move

Billing Control

Prepaid and postpaid billing with single invoice facility for converged services.

Bandwidth Control

Enables ISPs to implement fair distribution of bandwidth.

Subscriber Management

Manage an unlimited number of users in a dynamic network.

Captive Portal

Create a custom login page for authorizing access to the internet.


  • Wired, Wireless & Hotspot
  • Useful for
  • PPPoE
  • NAS supported
  • Load Balancing
  • Billing
  • Audit
  • Back up
  • Web Interface
  • Notification
  • Android API
  • IPv6 Ready

Wired, Wireless & Hotspot




Useful for

  • ISPs
  • Cable operators
  • Corporates
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Café
  • Clubhouses
  • And many more.


Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet is a network protocol for encapsulating PPP frames inside Ethernet frames. Increases the security of the network and centralize the control of the customers. PPPoE helps to integrate one or more microtik routers.
  • Network Protection : With the authentication process in PPPoE, misuse of the IP address as well as client impersonation
        can be prevented. Also creation of point to point tunnel neutralises the typical conflict Operating System saturation where the     virus affected client infects the whole network.
  • Centralised Control : Integration of one or more microtik routers allows to have several distributed servers but authenticating
        at a single place.
  • Simple and Better : Simple and easy web interface method allowing registration, assigning of IP's, redirection of ports,
        restriction of bandwidth etc without specialized technical knowledge.

NAS supported




Load Balancing

  • Synnefo IMS has an inbuilt functionality for load balancing which helps distributing activity evenly across the network.
  • This allows to share and maxmize the bandwidth with zero server break downs.
  • Load Balancing helps application delivery performance, greater reliability and maximim availability.
  • Productivity and efficieny of the servers are at par.


  • Billing made easy.
  • Keep track on the outstanding payments and collections.
  • Adding notification features allows flow of information at regular intervals for clearing dues.
  • Generate Invoices for payments and receipts for collection thereby organising accounting for the subscriber.
  • Reports for payments as well as collections.
  • Payment history on each subscriber.


  • Allows registration of multiple users with different profiles, according to their function within the company.
  • Each entry is stored in an auditing log and it can always be known what was changed and when it was changed in a per user      basis.
  • It allows to know when a client signed up, what plan was associated, when a customer's payment was registered, or any     other configuration changes.

Back up

  • Synnefo IMS allows you to save a backup of the application at any time.
  • This is a very small file that can be stored on an USB flash drive and that is all that is needed to, in case of disaster, recover a     server to its former exact configuration.
  • In addition Synnefo IMS provides a daily "On the cloud" backup service.

Web Interface

  • Can be completely managed from all the browsers but at the same time secured to IP addresses assigned to each levels.
  • Admin can manage subscribers, plans, pins, activation, renewals, logs etc remotely at any time.


  • Improve communication with customers.
  • Notify them via mail and smses.
  • Communicate on dues, collections, services etc.
  • Inform them about promotions and offers.
  • Create a personal rapport/touch.

Android API

  • An API for better and organized revenue collection.
  • One Touch application to manage renewals, collections, registrations, plan modifications etc.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Registration at POS i.e. at the ground level.
  • Permission Management for functionalities to define access for the employees.
  • Login restrictions on hour and day basis.
  • All data gets synced with SynnefoIMS.

IPv6 Ready

  • Synnefo IMS is ready for IPv6, the latest version of Internet Protocol.
  • IPv6 uses a 128-bit address, allowing for 2128, or approximately 3.4×1038 addresses, or more than 7.9×1028 times as many     as IPv4, which uses 32-bit addresses.
  • IPv4 allows for only approximately 4.3 billion addresses.
  • IPv6 addresses consist of eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons.